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What makes Fujiiryoki massage chair UNIQUE?
Fujiiryoki massage chair invites you to a dream world that is good for your health. It is just like the powerful and gentle touch of an expert’s hands. There are 509 combinations of massages based on 50 basic types. Fifty basic types of massage are provided by combining the basic functions of AIR MASSAGE, KNEAD, TAPPING, SHIATSU, or others, 3D MODE that gives back and forth movements to the knead balls, and rolling to extend the backbone. Such delicate touches reproduce the sense of hand massage by an expert technician. 509 combinations are the largest number in the industry. Massaging types number 509 types overall, consisting of 50 types by the mechanical, 9 types by the air and 450 types by the combination of mechanical and air.

What kind of new function does Fujiiryoki massage chair have?

  • We have succeeded to develop and offer a new function named “SHOULDER MASSAGER” for the first time in the industry, in addition to the conventional massaging with air bags and knead balls. Stimulation applied around the “SHOULDER”, which is the massaging point for the entire shoulder area, alleviates stiffness and fatigue accumulated over the neck and shoulders.
  • Added air bags for finer changes of stimulation with 5-level adjustment
  • Air Massage on the soles, where a number of massage points are concentrated, is stimulated while the legs are restrained not to lift. Stiffness accumulated in the feet during the day is kneaded and slackened to accelerate the blood circulation.
  • New Foot stretching stretches the knees and lower half of body by holding and bringing down the legs while pushing up the thighs with the air bag at the seat. Knee joints are massaged with gentle stretching to accelerate the blood circulation in the legs, which tend to swell.

What types of massage can Fujiiryoki massage chair give?

  • Deep knead
    When you feel severe stiffness or tiredness over the entire body, the chair will provide a very deep and firm massage that you have never experienced in the past. The deep knead up is applied from lower part to the top toward the shoulders. The deep knead down is applied from top to the lower part toward the core of body.
  • Rubbing
    Stiffness of the body will be relieved softly and leisurely in a manner similar to soft kneading by the palms.
  • Shiatsu
    Blood circulation is promoted by repeated compressions and relaxations produced by the pushing and pulling movements.
  • Stretch
    Stiffness is alleviated with function that feels like the pushing up and pulling down of hands.
  • Wavelet
    A combination of tapping and kneading alleviates fatigue and promotes blood circulation.
  • Tapping
    Rhythmical and repeated tapping by the knead balls remove the fatigue accumulated in the muscles.
  • Spine Stretch
    Stretches and rolls the spine


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