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Fastbraces® is the original, fast and safe braces system.

The inspiration for Fastbraces® was conceived from recognizing the patient's desire for a braces treatment that could be done fast. Older, conventional braces did not allow for this to be done without risks. With safety in mind, the Fastbraces® system was developed -- straightening teeth differently than the conventional braces - allowing for a fast, safe and affordable solution.

Since the first set of Fastbraces® was applied in 1992, thousands of patients have benefitted from the patented braces system. Fastbraces® has proven time and time again that you can have straight teeth fast, usually in 3-6 months, using braces that are comfortable, safe and affordable. With a 98% patient satisfaction rate, a lifetime satisfaction promise, and over 30 locations in 10 states and growing, it's no surprise that more and more people trust Fastbraces® for their orthodontic needs.

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